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yogatailor - yoga & meditation


Never search for a yoga video again with this app. We are new on Google Play but have been operating our website for more than an year.* Recommended by Shape Magazine, Wired, NBC Chicago, San Francisco Examiner, USA Weekend, and ParentConnect* Join 100000+ users who have been benefiting from this on our website.* Compatible with all Android devicesKEY FEATURES* Programs are tailored to your settings + your available time, 7 minutes to 50 minute sessions + your ability beginner, intermediate or expert + any restrictions you might have eg pregnancy, back pain * Trained instructors in beautiful natural settings* Real videos with voiceovers* Thousands of sequences * Programs adapt and change so that you dont get bored.* Use program scheduler to plan your next session* Bookmark videos that you really like for future use* Small app size (<5MB)
Yogatailor is more than a fitness app, it’s a way to treat your mind and body right. We believe the path to true mind and body health should include a well-rounded mindfulness journey that is personalized, easy and most importantly accessible anywhere and anytime. The Yogatailor app allows you to specify a goals such as "I want to sleep better", “I want to reduce stress” or "I want to increase flexibility". The app then creates an instructor-led 5 day program with proven meditation, pranayama and yoga asana exercises for you to follow. We tailor to injuries, time constraints and skill level, creating a unique experience each time you visit. What’s more, yogatailor grows with you - adjusting the program based on user performance. Think of us as your personalized pocket guru.

DOES YOGATAILOR COST MONEY?* The download is FREE* We are doing an introductory offer - free for 3 months!!!* No signup or credit card required for free trial
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